About us

We’re a small UK based startup, with a mission to provide our customers with effortless, straightforward, time-saving hosiery shopping experience.

We work with a couple known and less-known european hosiery manufacturers, showcasing their best selling and most innovative, revolutionary products.
Our team is a small, but dedicated duo of a brilliant fashion aficionado lady coming from the finance industry and a smart, bold entrepreneur chap, with an IT background.

Most of the online hosiery retailers provide their customers with a huge selection of brands and products, and though it is brilliant to have such a wide range of choices, might be confusing and hard to process for some.

We have a quite different approach, based on pre-selection of products and giving a limited, but well-structured portfolio to choose from. Ideal for busy professionals, gift shoppers and customers looking for something fresh and new.

We hope you’ll find your journey with us pleasant. We’d love to hear from you. All feedback is welcome, if you have a great idea for us or just a general comment or suggestion, feel free to drop a line at info@tightspetite.com or mail us at:
TightsPetite Ltd, PO Box 815, Orpington, BR6 1GD, United Kingdom.

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